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Sintra’s Farming Family:

We’re Sintra’s Farming Family, a Nepalese organic restaurant and farming experience located in Sintra, Portugal. Through the current struggles of our communities and now with the COVID-19 pandemic, our family wants to expand our work and help as many people as possible. 

Our Mission:-

The plague of human trafficking continues to spread across Nepal, and our goal is to do everything in our power to combat this. Each year, thousands of women and children across Nepal are subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. An estimated 235,000 people in Nepal are currently living in modern-day slavery and an estimated 7,000 girls are trafficked to India every year. This issue is worsened by only 212 cases being reported by the Nepalese government yearly. Poverty and low education are core issues in this crisis, as many girls are barred from going to school, and those who do risk being taken during a 10-hour walk to school and back. By raising awareness through new schools and media outlets, the goal is to reach these victims, identify the trafficking sources, and provide a better life for those affected. At Nepal’s New Hope, we are creating opportunities to improve the lifestyle standards for these women and children. Through farming and vocational training, they will learn valuable skills to help them build a successful future.

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Through faith and spending much time in prayer, we felt the calling for Nepali communities in Portugal. Thousands of miles from home, we can continue the work we started in an ideal farming environment withmore ability to expand. Our small organic farm in Sintra has been helping to support our family as well as Nepalese communities in Portugal. As the need for our help continues to grow, we know our current resources are not enough. 

We are requesting support so that we can expand our operation to larger and more sustainable farms. Funds will be used to generate income through the farms, create jobs, and help us gain additional support in Portugal to fight against human trafficking.

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